Bristol Instruments

Wavelength Meter and Spectrum Analyzer

Bristol Instruments offers a large variety of optical interferometer-based products for wavelength measurements and laser spectral characterization. Spectrum analyzer, wavelength meter and linewidth analyzer for the entire range from the visible light to the mid infrared are rapidly available. Bristol Instruments offers the right solution for pulsed and CW-lasers, as well as for WDM lasers and systems. - MGOS is the exclusive partner for BRISTOL in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

BRI-671 Series                   Wavelength Meter

  •      wavelength range / type
    • 375 – 1100 nm    871A/B-VIS
    • 520 – 1700 nm    871A/B-NIR
    • 1,0 - 5,0 µm        871A/B-IR
    • 1,5 - 12 µm         871A/B-MIR
  • for cw- and quasi-cw-operation (>10 MHz)
  • absolute accuracy:
    • ±0,2 ppm* (for type 671A)
    • ±0,75 ppm* (for type 671B)
      • 1 ppm* (for type 671B-MIR)
  • continous calibration due to built-in stabilized single-frequency HeNe laser
  • optical coupling:
    • FC/xPC fiber coupled for VIS and NIR
    • IR/MIR: free beam with (optional) fiber coupling
The 671-series was developed to measure the wavelengthof CW-lasers with highest accuracy. This system uses aproven Michelson interferometer-based design with a built-in wavelengthstandard to guarantees reliable accuracy which is required for the most meaningful experimental results.
Optical Laser wavelength / wavemeter BRI-671
BRISTOL 671 wavelength meter

ppm*: "parts per million", d.h. eine Genauigkeit von z.B. 0,2 ppm entspricht

  • @ 1000 nm -> 0,0002 nm bzw. 0,2 pm
  • @ 500 nm -> 0,0001 nm bzw. 0,1 pm
  • @ 600 THZ -> 120 GHz
Spezifikationen für die Wellenlängenmessgeräte BRI-671
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Features BRI-671
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BRI-871 Series                   Wavelength Meter                  for pulsed and CW-Laser

  •       wavelength range   / type:    
    •  375 – 1100 nm     871A/B-VIS
    •  650 – 1700 nm     871A/B-NIR
    • 1000 - 2500 nm     871B-NIR2
  • for pulsed and cw laser
  • measurement frequenz:  1 kHz
  • absolute accuracy:
    • ±0,2 ppm* (for type 871A)
    • ±0,75 ppm* (for type 871B)
  • reproducability (for type 871A):
    • ±0,0075 ppm* (type 871A)
    • ±0,1 ppm*  (type 871B)
  • internal calibration automatic with built in wavelength standard

  • update rate:  4 Hz / (Typ A);  2,5 Hz (Typ B)
Optical wavelenght meter / wavemeter 871 for pulsed and cw laser
BRISTOL wavemeter 871 (gepulst und cw)

The 871 Wavelength Meter is the best way to measure the absolute wavelength of both pulsed and CW lasers. It combines proven Fizeau etalon technology with automatic calibration. What’s more, a sustained measurement rate of 1 kHz enables the wavelength characterization of every single pulse for most lasers

Specifications Sheet BRI-871
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Features BRI-871
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Optische (Laser-) Spektrumanalysatoren

BRI-771 Series                        Laser Spectrum Analyzer

  • (optional) fiber coupler for IR/MIR devices
  • continuous calibration with built-in stabilized single-frequency HeNe laser
  • accuracy: ±0.2 ppm (± 0.0002 nm @ 1000 nm)
  • pulsed, CW and quasi CW (>10MHz)
  • wavelength range: 375 nm – 14µm
  • combined wavelength meter and spectrum analyzer

The Spectrum Anaylzer from Bristol Instruments

measures both, the wavelength and the emission spectrum including the side-mode suppression ratio. With spectral resolution up to 2 GHz, wavelength accuracy as high as ± 0.2 parts per million, and an optical rejection ratio of more than 40 dB, the model 771 provides the most detailed information about a laser’s spectral properties.

Specifications Sheet
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Bri-WDM-Wavelength meter

  • wavelength range: 700 – 1680 nm
  • CW and modulated signals
  • Continuous calibration with built-in stabilized single-frequency HeNe laser
  • measurement rate: up to 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity: <-40dB (0.1 µW)

Bristol Instruments provides a family of optical

wavelength meters and multi-wavelength meters designed specifically for the testing of WDM lasers and WDM systems. Absolute laser wavelength is measured to an accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm with a measurement rate as high as 1 kHz.

Wavelength measurement accuracy is guaranteed by continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength  standard and is traceable to NIST standards.


Specifications Sheet
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Specifications Sheet
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Specifications Sheet
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Specifications Sheet
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Bristol WDM overview
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