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Daylight Solution was founded in 2004 by Tim Day to manufacture broadly tuneable Quantum Cascade Lasers in the mid infrared regime. Having a powerful, reliable and easy to handle light source covering the range from 3 to 14µm (720 to 3300 cm-1) is a game changer in laser based spectroscopy or tuneable diode laser spectroscopy



Industrial applications as well as academic state of the art systems profit from overcoming the need of liquid nitrogen cooling and leading to maintenance free measurement systems in

the “finger print region”.

DLS MIRcat QT "new"


  • Tuning speed up to 10 000 cm-1/s with rapid-scan
  • cw- and pulsed or exclusively pulsed operation
  • Ultra low noise operation
  • Wavelength range configurable 3300 cm-1 to 720 cm-1 (3 to 13.9µm)


The new MIRcat QTTM System is a high speed, low noise MIR laser. Up to four EC-QCL laser beams are adjusted to a single beam path (collinear beams) in a common housing with an excellent pointing stability. The wavelength can be freely configurated from standard or over tuner lasers, e.g. to concentrate on

wavelength outside of the water absorption bands. Upgrading the system with additional sources is any time possible. A visible adjustment laser is available as an option.

MIRcat Specifications Sheet
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DLS Product overview

  • Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Systems
  • MIRcat-QTTM
  • HedgehogTM
  • CW-MHF MId-IR Lasers
  • Aries 2
  • Spero QT-Microscope
  • Spero LT-Microscope

External-Cavity-QCL with broad tuning ranges for cw- and pulsed operation including controller and collimating optics. The whole wavelength range from 3 to 14 µm can be covered. The beam pointing is extremely stable even while tuning the wavelength. USB- and Ethernet interfaces are available for quick integration into your experimental setup.


ChemDetect System is a modular platform regarded as complimentary to liquid Phase chromatography systems (LPC-systems) it offers faster results and better limits of detection leading to better process control inside the reactor.


DLS_MGOS_Commercial Product Line Card-RE
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DLS Hedgehog CW Pulsed

  • cw and pulsed or only pulsed operation
  • round beam at beam waist
  • tuning range up to 400 cm-1
  • tuning speed up to 10,000 cm-1/s

The new Hedgehog-Laser is based on improved mechanics, which allows rapid scans leading to shorter measurement times and an improved wavelength repeatability. The emitting range is 3 to 14 µm. The high beam quality and excellent pointing stability allows very efficient set ups for easy coupling in long path, single mode wave guides or ATR cells. A very good fit is the MIRa-Guide. The compact housing is the ideal fit for sensor applications.

Specifications Sheet
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Specifications Sheet
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  • more than 70 cm-1 tuning range (mode hop free >30 cm-1)
  • up to 400 mW optical peak power
  • Modell 41XXX-MHF: <5MHz @ 100ms and <10MHz @ 1s,
  • available within the ranges between 3230 and 900 cm-1 or 3,1-11 µm
  • rapid wavelength modulation via electrical power modulation available

External-Cavity-QCL with broadtuning range for cw operation with or without mode hops (MHF= Mode Hop Free) inclusive controller and collimation optic. The mode hop free range is at least 30 cm-1 and typical up to 60 cm-1. Normal cw operation with a risk of mode hops is available as well in order to get access to a wider wavelength range. The range from 4.2 up to 11 µm can be covered with small gaps. Interfaces for easy automation of your experiments are available. A chiller andpiezo drivers are needed for operation of the system.

Specifications Sheet
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Spero Chemical Imaging Microscope                  Spero®QT | LT


In a class of their own, the Spero® microscopes are the world’s first and only fully integrated, wide-field spectroscopic microscopy and imaging platforms based on our broadly tunable mid-infrared quantum cascade laser technology. 

The SPERO QT microscope combines a high resolution MIDIR camera (480*480 Pixel) with a rapidly tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (EC-QCL) as light source. It allows to measure 220,000 spectra in parallel for each pixel in less than a minute. Taking the same spectral and lateral resolution into account SPERO QT accelaretes the hyperspectral measurment by a factor of >10 compared to a state-of-the-art FTIR-microscope with similar performance. It covers the finger-print region from 950cm-1 to 1800 cm-1. It allows routine measurements even in short time slots of clinical routines.


Beginning in fall 2020 we will be permanently able to offer tests in Utting with your samples despite some restrictions of COVID-19. Even virtual test measurments with your samples will be possible. 

  • MIR-Laser-Microscope for Hyper-Spectral Imaging in the range from around 1800 to 950 cm-1 (5.6 to 10.5 µm)
  • Real time MIR-Imaging (30 frames/s)
  • Superior IR-Imaging compared to FTIR-microscopes)
  • More than 160 times faster data acquisition compared to common equipment for marker free chemical imaging

QCL-IR Microscopy with Spero®                                                Spero-QT 340

The new Spero-QT 340 system is the third-generation Spero and builds on the successes of its groundbreaking predecessors launched in 2014 and 2017 respectively. Like its predecessors, the Spero-QT 340 provides unrivaled mid-IR spectroscopy, substantially outperforming FTIR microscopes in spatial resolution, speed, and field-of-view while eliminating the need for cryogenic cooling and valuable lab space. Furthermore, it maintains the wide-field, high-resolution attributes of its two predecessors, but with the capability to produce twice the data in one-tenth of the time, while achieving unprecedented signal-to-noise ratios (SNR). The Spero-QT 340 stage can image up to 3 microscope slides, and its larger sample compartment makes it more compatible with microfluidic devices and accessories.



SPErO-LT 340


The Spero-LT is the latest model in the Spero product family. The LT offers the same high-performance speed and resolution specifications as the Spero-QT flagship model but is economically configured to address a wide range of materials and life sciences research applications. Its modular structure allows later upgrades to SPERO QT at the manufacturer.


Spero QT/LT Specifications Sheet
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SPERO Scientific Research Papers
SPERO Scientific Research Papers_201806
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Dls fixed wavelength   ARIes 2


  • Max. 1 W optical power (2W with special permission)
  • High Power-EC-QCL
  • Fixed emission wavelength
  • Modular set up

Due to the modular design of the ARIES-Laser it can be scaled up to several Watts power. It is ITAR

restricted. Even in cw mode no chiller is necessary.


Application: Material processing and DIRCM.


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 Amplified MCT™ Mid-IR Pulsed Laser Detector: Room-Temperatur Detector

  • Broad mid-IR spectral response of 4-12 µm
  • High sensitivity, with D* > 2.5 x 109 cm.Hz½/W
  • Active area of 1 mm x 1 mm
  • Wide 78° Field of View
  • Room-temperature operation, with a two-stage TEC for cooling to 245° K
  • AC-coupled photoconductive configuration ideal for pulsed laser detection



Specifications Sheet
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DRS Scientific Research Papers
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