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MG Optical Solutions – Your Partner for       MIR-Spectroscopy


Laserspectrometer / Hyperspectral Imaging

Spectrometer, Laser spectroscopy, tunable ligth sources, low noise detectors for VIS, IR and MIR, QCLs, laser controllers, accessories like ATR- and absorbtion cells, Etalons

Laser & Light Sources

Quantum cascade laser, QCL, EC-QCL, Gain-Blocks

We offer Quantum cascade laser (QCL), laser Diode Driver, terahertz laser (THz), high power MIR laser, external cavity laser (EC-QCL), Diode laser modules and homogenious Illumination, as well as suitable laser saftety goggles.

IR-SystemS & components

MIR-Isolators, MIR-Detectors, Objective 

THz-Laser, pulsed Mid-IR-Laser, continious wave (cw) laser, TEC-cooled HgCdTe detectors, gas cells, IR-lenses, polariser, isolators.

Optical metrology

Wavemeter, Spectrum Analyzer

High precision spectrum analyser and wavelength meter from BRISTOL Instruments (former Burleigh) for the exact characterisation of lasers and laser systems.