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MG Optical Solutions – Partner for MIR-Spectroscopy


Spektroskopie - Anwendungen und Produkte

MIR microscopy - microplastics, forensics, ..


MIR spectroscopy - The "finger print" of many molecules is in this area - analysis of gases, liquids and solids - industries such as environmental analysis, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, gas & oil, agriculture, .


THz technology - A technology that is still in its infancy, which is already used in medicine (cancer diagnosis), material characterization (e.g. food), "high speed" telecommunications and "security".


Laser beam characterization - checking of lasers / feedback loop for stabilizing lasers - / for research, laser engineering and telecommunications


Control of lasers and laser experiments - research with semiconductor lasers, laser engineering, spectroscopy on atoms and molecules, atomic clocks, optical tweezers, research with cold atoms, laser frequency stabilization


Quantum cascade lasers, QCL, EC-QCL, THz-lasers, wavelength measuring devices, spectrometers, MIR and THz detectors, optics and much more.


In the products section you will find a list of all our products with focus on light sources, detectors and accessories for the infrared range - from near IR to MIR and THz to millimeter sources.


Via categories or a list you can go directly to the products, which are shown in more detail on the manufacturer's pages.


If you don't want to search long, then the best thing to do is to contact us right away by phone or email. We would be happy to visit you on site for individual advice or a product demonstration. A limited selection of demo devices is available.

Our partners


BRISTOL Instruments - market leader in shaft length measuring devices and laser spectrum analyzers, DAYLIGHT solutions - pioneer of the industrial "external cavity" QCL lasers, Innovation Photonics - veteran of isolator production with a focus on IR, LYTID - THz-in professional design , NLIR - innovation in MIR detector technology, VESCENT Photonics - laser electronics at its finest.

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laser spectrum analyzer, wavelength meter, wavemeter, MIR- and THz-detector, MIR-spectrometer


"Precision is our business" with this we not only help you to find a technically perfect solution for your application, but also work to process your order quickly and reliably.


Our target group are all users of optical technologies - mainly for spectroscopy in the infrared spectral range - in the fields of analysis, automotive, aviation, biotechnology, laser and lighting technology, photonics and optics itself. We address research and industry alike. As our customer, you benefit from our employees' many years of experience.

Information needed which you can't find? - Contact us, we prefer to maintain a personal relationship with our customers, rather than our website.

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