Matthias Godejohann

Management MG Optical Solutions

After studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Matthias Godejohann worked for 3 years - partly in cooperation with the CSEM in Neuchâtel/CH - on the development of opto-electronic measuring systems and sensors in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Since 1993 he has been involved in the distribution of optical components and systems. During this time, he was responsible for setting up the German branch of a European distribution company based in France, worked as a group leader for various distributors and managed the sales and service team for a German spectrometer manufacturer.

In January 2007, he founded MG Optical Solutions GmbH.

Dr. Andreas Stangassinger

technical sales

Dr. Andreas Stangassinger completed his studies and doctorate at the Technical University of Munich. During his scientific work in physical chemistry in Munich and later at the University of Georgia (USA), he was mainly involved in the generation of metal-precious gas complexes and investigated them with laser spectroscopy. Subsequently, he was involved in the development of laser atomic absorption spectrometers for trace analysis in ultrapure chemicals.

Armed with this experience in research and development, Mr. Stangassinger began his career in technical sales of photonic products in 2001. Via group and department management at a leading international distribution company as well as a manufacturer for light measurement technology. he came to MG Optical Solutions.

Since mid-2019, he has been available as a competent partner for science and industry in the field of laser spectroscopy - here especially for the mid-infrared (MIR) and THz range - as well as for wavelength measurement of all lasers - from UV to MIR.

You can reach Dr. Stangassinger under DW: +49-(0)8806-503 3109 / E-Mail: