Vescent Photonics

Precision Electro-Optic and Laser Technologies


2002 Vescent Photonics was founded by Dr. Mike H. Anderson. He is the lead author of „Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Atomic-Vapor“ (1995).


The focus of Vescent is to develop and manufacture technologies like waveguides, electro-optics, tunable lasers, and electronics for precision laser control.



  • Emerging cold atom science and engineering
  • Laser locking and frequency control systems
  • Liquid crystal waveguide architecture
  • Locking lasers to high-finesse cavities

SLICE-QT                   Temperature Controller

  • Four independent PID temperature control loops
  • 40 W user-routable capacity
  •  Programmable front-panel I/O
  •  Auto tuning function
  •  GUI, serial, or touch screen interface







The SLICE series combines low noice analog circuitry with digital user interface including touch screen and progammable I/O-monitor.




Specifications Sheet
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D2-210 Spectroscopy Module

  • Configurable for Potassium, Rubidium, or Cesium
  • Side or Peak Locking
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Intensity normalized
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Terminal or pass-through configuration
  • Improved mechanics
  • Optional Doppler subtraction and fiber coupling
  • 5 MHz loop bandwidth

Absorption cell for use in atomic clocks as saturated absorption high precision frequency reference.  The cell is thermal stabilized and magnetically shielded. The unit is compatible to the VP-D2-DBR100 Laser and all driver and loop units of the D2-series.

Specifications Sheet
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D2-125 High Speed Laser Servo

  • Both PZT & Laser Current Feedback
  • Double Integrators For Tight Locking
  • Peak Lock Option
  • Frequency Jumping and Lockup via Computer Control
  • Internal Ramp Generator
  • High Bandwidth (10 MHz)
  • Reconfigurable PI2D Loop Parameters
  • Lock Guard & Ramp Centering included on all models

The D2-125 High Speed Laser Servo is an ultra-low noise and broad band control loop. Laser can be looked an absorption lines to serve as an absolute frequency standard. Typical applications are atomic clocks, Pound-Drevel-Hall cavity locking and laser stabilization and control. The D2-125 can also be used to reduce the line width of laser sources to facilitate spectroscopy of single molecules. The included Lock Guard detects when the servo loop filter has gone out of lock and automatically tries to recapture lock.

Specifications Sheet
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D2-105 Laser Controller

  • Lowest noise current source commercially available
  • Two-stage PID temperature control
  • High-speed servo and RF inputs
  • Current limit and safe turn-on
  • High modulation bandwidth

The D2-105 Laser Controller is a precision diode laser current source based on the Libbrecht-Hall circuit. With a current noise density <100 pA/√Hz, the D2-105 has lower noise than any other commercially available laser controller. This ultra-low current noise is ideally suited for use with the D2-125 laser servo. Using the two devices in combination allows the realization of ultra-stable and -narrow lasers. 

Specifications Sheet
VP_MGOS_D2-105 Laser Controller_9_0.pdf
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D2-100 DBR Lasers

  • Up to 100 mW at 780 nm
  • Up to 180 mW at 852 and 895 nm
  • Now available at 767 and 770 nm for Potassium spectroscopy
  • Highly Vibration Insensitive: No Moving Parts or Piezos
  • 40 GHz Mode Hop-Free Tuning via High Bandwidth Injection Current
  • Includes Optical Isolation & Anamorphic Prisms for beam conditioning

The D2-100 Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser is a mechanically robust laser, which is, due to no moving parts, extremely insensitive against vibrations. Furthermore, the laser can be current tuned over more than 40GHz mode-hop free. Available Center Wavelengths (nm): 760, 767, 770, 780, 785, 795, 852, 895, 920, 976, 1064, 1083.

Specifications Sheet
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D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo

  • Offset Phase Locks up to ≥9.5 GHz
  • Feed forward for fast frequency jumping
  • Offset Frequency stability determined by external reference stability
  • User-adjustable servo loop parameters
  • Internal ramp generator
  • Options for optical or electronic beat-note input


The D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo (OPLS) is designed to stabilize two lasers via Difference Frequency Generation (DFG). The D2-135 works together with the D2-250 Heterodyne Module and the D2-160 Beat Note Detector. The D2-250 overlaps the master and slave lasers and launches the optical beat note into a multimode fiber where it is delivered to the D2-160, converted to an electrical beat note and supplied to the D2-135. View a typical configuration for using the D2-135.


Specifications Sheet
VP_MGOS_D2-135 Offset Phase Lock Servo.p
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The MLO Mode-Locked Oscillator is a stand-alone femtosecond laser designed for ease of use and high performance. Built around an Er:doped fiber and an EDFA, it will reliably deliver sub-100 fs pulses with a bandwidth of over 40 nm. The heart of the MLO-100 is our FO-100 Fiber Oscillator including a gain fiber, mode-locker, and our unique cavity length adjustment tool for exact repetition rate control (and matching). The MLO-100 houses the amplifier and pump diodes, current sources and temperature control, as well as the requisite drive electronics and user interface.

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FO-100    Fiber OScILLATOR

This Fiber Oscillator is the engine for your femtosecond oscillator and frequency comb experiments. Based on an Er:doped fiber, it can deliver sub-100 fs pulses with a bandwidth of over 40 nm, given an appropriate pump input and thermal control loops (not included).

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FFC-100   @ 1560 nm                      Turn-key Frequency Comb

We are proud to introduce the FFC-100 Fiber-based Frequency Comb. The FFC-100 offers a full octave of wavelength coverage with tight locks on ƒopt and ƒCEO that support the requirements of the next generation  of optical atomic clocks.  The complete FFC-100 fits into a single 2U 19″ rack mount chassis for a compact, economical comb solution.

Kompakter Frequenzkamm Laser - FFC-100
FFC-100 Turn-Key Frequency Comb
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CM-100 and CM-200                      OEM fiber Frequency Combs

The frequency comb laser is also available in a 100 MHz and 200 MHz version.

CM-100  OEM frequency comb module
CM-100 OEM frequency comb module