SIRIS - Tiefgekühlte (50 K) SWIR Kamera für die Wissenschaft

New: SIRIS, deep-cooled scientific camera 
Now avaliable!
  • Ultra-high dynamic, up to 120dB
  • Ultra-low read noise <10e- NDRO
  • 200 fps full frame (640 x 512 pixels), >10k fps ROI
  • Integrated vibration-free, cryogenic-free cooler down to 50K
At the beginning, a group of researchers developed their own SWIR camera for a project. It turned out to be a state-of-the-art one, and they wanted to make a product out of it. That is when we stepped in. Thanks to our know-how in cryogenics, vacuum, electronics,  mechanics,  systems integration...they naturally came to us. We are now all proud to introduce SIRIS to you!
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Case Study with SIRIS:
Solar system's images from Pic du Midi observatory
Ultra-high dynamic
Ultra-low noise
The darkest object (Thebe, Mag 15.7) is 22 million times (Mag difference 18.4) less luminous than the brightest one (Jupiter, Mag -2.7).
Messier 15
Comparison between standard (left) and NDRO acquisition (right) for the M15 cluster. NDRO increases detectivity by a factor >6.
Fast detailed acquisition
High resolution image of Saturn and its rings with 10 ms exposure time.
A new world of applications:
  • Astrophysical observation
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Military&Defense
  • Semiconductor failure analysis
  • Medical Imaging
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