Alpes Lasers

The Pioneers in Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Technology

Founded by Jerôme Faist, a co-inventor of quantum cascade lasers, Matthias Beck und Antoine Muller in 1998, Alpes Lasers became pioneers in advanced light sources, especially Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs). Already in 2001 Alpes Laser started to the series production of QCLs. Since then all products were developed for industrial environments and requirements.

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Single-Mode cw DFB-QCL


  • single-mode-emission
  • TEC/Peltier cooled
  • low dissipation
  • (optional) collimating lens or fiber coupled
  • e.g. in seeled HHL-housing:



Almost infinite narrow line width facilitates high resolution gas spectroscopy and photoacoustic experiments. Can be Peltier cooled due to high wall-plug efficiency and low dissipation.

Pulsed Single-Mode DFB-QCL


  • single-mode-emission
  • TEC/Peltier cooled
  • low dissipation
  • e.g. in TO3-can with collimator or window:



Narrow bandwidth suitable for gas phase spectroscopy. Compact housing for miniaturized sensors. For industrial applications the use of the HHL housing is recommended.

Fabry-Pérot QCL


  • multi-mode-emission
  • simultaneous emission more than 10% of the central emitting wavelength (up to 60 cm-1)
  • high optical power (> 100 mW)
  • for cw- and pulsed operation


Fabry-Pérot lasers provide broad band emission with several laser modes and high optical power. The emission spectrum is nearly unaffected by temperature changes. FP-QCLs are ideal in applications with broadband and powerful MIR light source.

Broadgain Illuminators


  • FP-QCL with optimized emission bandwidth
  • simultaneous emission of up to 300 cm-1 möglich
  • for cw- and pulsed operation


These lasers are Fabry-Pérot lasers designed for maximum width of the gain profile. Thus, the spectral range from 6 to 12 µm can be covered with a few lasers. If coated with an anti-reflection coating, broadgain illuminators build the core of external cavity lasers (EC-QCLs). These broad band sources provide a constant spectral power density and a high optical power.

High-Power QCL

  • high output power: >1 W and >1,5 W
  • high pulse peak power: >20W
  • high beam quality
  • multi-mode emission
  • no ITAR restrictions


Broad band emission with several modes and high power. Maintenance-free alternative for CO2-Lasers.


  • multi-mode-emission
  • THz-laser for pulsed emission
  • LN2 or Sterling-cooled available

Multi-mode THz-laser with high optical power.

Can be used with LN2 or sterling cooler. i-mode THz-laser with high optical power. Can be used with LN2 or sterling cooler.