Innovation Photonics

For laser applications with the need for special optics

Innovation Photonics was founded by Don Wilson in 2009 in Verona/New Jersey in order to meet the growing demands on sophisticated optical compounds for the mid infrared. Don has been in the photonics arenasince 1964. In particular, MIR-isolators, wide band polarizer and optics areunique for Innovation Photonics and are fabricated in outstanding quality.  Innovation Photonics offers a selected assortment ofoptical compounds. 


A product overview/catalogue can be downloaded here:


  • usable in a broad wavelength range (+/- 10% of Center wavelength)
  • Isolation adjustable to current wavelength (>30dB)
  • Standard wavelengths in stock: 4.5 μm, 8.0 μm, 10.6 μm
  • custom wavelength on request


Optical MIR-Isolators prevent back reflections to the laser light source, which might influence the wavelength stability or even damage the laser.


In the mid IR only a very special sort of materials show an acceptable Verdet constant with at the same time small absorption. This is highly challeging for development and manufacturing such devices.



Broadband polarization rotator




● angle independent mountable

● continous transmission from VIS up to 9 μm

● coaxial in- and output